Answers to FAQs

What is the deadline for applying to be a 2021 Sponsor?

Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020. Sponsor applications received after this date will be subject to availability.

What happens if two or more Sponsors want to present or sponsor the same program or event?

The chapter is very appreciative of Sponsor’s commitment to ACC Southern California and endeavors to satisfy all Sponsor preferences.  In the unlikely event there is a preference conflict that cannot otherwise be resolved, ACC Southern California will allocate Sponsor benefits based on factors, including sponsor level, longevity as a Sponsor and when the preference form was received.

Do two or more Sponsors ever co-host events?

Yes.  While many firms prefer to be the exclusive Sponsor producing an event with ACC Southern California, Sponsor co-hosting arrangements are common, especially for larger events.  These co-hosting arrangements can make the event more economical and often result in an increased number of attendees.  We’re happy to discuss individual arrangements and logistics.

How will ACC-Southern California help a Sponsor make its program or event a success?

As the leading global association for in-house counsel, ACC is uniquely attuned to the needs and preferences of the in-house bar.  ACC Southern California is one of the premier chapters in this organization.  ACC Southern California hosts several programs for its members every month, and we have a strong focus on always delivering programs that our members find highly relevant to their in-house practice and immediately useful in their job.  We assign an ACC Southern California board or committee member to work with the Sponsor on every event to ensure success.  The assigned ACC Southern California member will help the Sponsor choose a suitable CLE program topic, develop a compelling title/description for promotional materials, and will help provide insight in the development of the slides, materials and handouts to be used.

How will the event be promoted to members?

ACC Southern California will work with the Sponsor to develop promotional materials.  The agreed promotional materials will be sent to ACC Southern California members by the chapter, and the Sponsors are also encouraged to invite in-house counsel clients and friends directly.  Unfortunately we are prohibited from providing our member list outside of the chapter, but we’re happy to work with you on preparing follow up communications, and you are also welcome to have a “business card drop” raffle or similar at the event to allow you to follow up with attending members directly.  Our board members are also happy to help in facilitating introductions at the event so the Sponsor can follow up informally with members they’ve met.

How can a Sponsor improve attendance at its ACC Southern California program or event?

A number of factors positively affect attendance: stimulating and timely topics; compelling titles and descriptions; interesting event locations; early organization and promotion; intriguing speakers and a well-chosen date for the event will all impact attendance.

Aside from the sponsorship fee, what are the additional costs of producing an event with ACC Southern California?

See the cost estimates here. Additional costs may include food, beverages, tickets, parking, venue charges and printed materials.

Will Sponsors be able to have in-house counsel sit at their tables for the Gala Dinner, or in-house counsel placed in their golf foursomes?

Yes!  We’ll be delighted to make introductions to ACC Southern California members and coordinate such invitations.  Our members are often quite flattered to receive such an invitation.

Why is ACC Southern California now including diversity and inclusion in its criteria for choosing sponsors and supporters?

Recent events have brought to light the continued lack of support and opportunity for diverse members of our society, including diverse members of the legal community. Furthermore, in its July 2020 “First Annual Report Card on the Diversity of California’s Legal Profession,” the State Bar of California found not only that the percentages of women and minorities in the legal profession did not mirror their percentages in the state’s population, but also that the percentages of women and minorities among the partnership and leadership ranks in firms are substantially lower than the overall percentages of women and minority lawyers in those same firms themselves. Although the ACC Southern California Board of Directors has for decades promoted diversity and inclusion not only among its members but also among its sponsors and supporters, it is finding that progress among law firms is slow. Therefore, the Board is taking the initiative to spur faster progress and encourage the increased promotion of d minority attorneys among its law firm sponsors, by including inclusion and diversity in its sponsorship criteria.

Please contact ACC Southern California Betty St. Marie with any additional questions.  We are happy to help and look forward to welcoming you as a 2021 Sponsor!